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ICArt’s services are founded on successful routines that result in seamless project execution. 

ICArt is a total-service company for all your art needs. Our goal is that the client will not need to outsource anything when it comes to the art program for their project. We remain your partner from the start phase and past the finish line.

ICArt takes pride in embarking upon all size projects with the same energy and dedication.  Therefore, we are highly trusted by a diverse range of clients and collaborators located all over the world. 


ICArt provides flexible organization models to fit the project scope and client needs. We work together to understand your brand, budget, reporting and approval processes. This is key to building flexible routines for transparent project control and monitoring. 

We have enjoyed many long-term client partnerships – for good reasons.

Concept Development

Together with our clients we plan a concept or artistic direction for the project at hand. This is what we depend on when creating a flow and cohesive story throughout the ship, hotel, office space or any other venue. The concept aids the sourcing process, and ensures your brand and vision is clearly communicated.

Budget Management

Every project has an artistic goal, and a financial parameter. We ensure both are optimized. Communication, transparency, and flexibility are key to any successful partnership. This is how we manage our projects.


ICArt does not operate as a traditional art gallery -we do not limit ourselves to a selection of artists. We scout the art world as an independent party. This ensures that our network of artists and other commissioned fabricators is continuously growing and evolving.   ICArt has a global network of artists and expert support.  Our focus is always to create the best art experiences, without boundaries.

Bespoke Production

ICArt acts as a service center for architects, designers, and other professionals. We work as partners, to find wonderful and one-of-a-kind art solutions.  Tailoring the client's needs to determine the concept, size and impact of any work is crucial. With never-before-seen works - the effect is always outstanding. The craft behind these unique artworks requires experience and careful monitoring to become the small wonders they can be.

State-of-the-Art In-House Production

We always aim to maximize the art spend to generate added value. Printing and framing where applicable is done in-house to ensure cutting out intermediaries and extra costs, as well as a quick turn around ability.  
 Our broad printing and technical expertise are supported by state-of-the-art equipment capable of producing images onto any surface. When the artwork is ready it is simply handed over to the farming workshop that sits within the same facility, and professionally framed by one of our specialized staff.


ICArt has a full staff of logistics experts. They plan and execute the route from A to Z which gets artwork from the artist's studio or our own facilities, and safely to their destination. This includes but is not limited to labeling, crating, customs formalities, shipping, storage, and installation planning.  

Signage & Wayfinding

A part of our curation method can also be to provide any space with wayfinding, using art- and design elements to ensure recognition, orientation, and awareness.  

We are happy to help ensure that the art chosen for any project receives the credit it deserves. We can print signage plaques, as well as catalogues, or any other form of informational product our client desires.


ICArt has a specialized and experienced installation staff. They ensure that safety regulations are followed. The art is installed in a way that is durable, visually pleasing, and according to standards and guidelines for the given environment. Onboard ships for instance there are a thousand things to think about as they are moving, vibrating and... at sea. This is where our 30yearlong technical experience comes in.