Viking Cruises

Viking Orion

Christian Skredsvig Resting in the Mountains 1914

Christian Skredsvig 'Resting in the Mountains' (1914)

Kenneth Blom Fragments and Impressions 2018 copy

Kenneth Blom 'Fragments and Impressions' (2018)

Marianne Wiig Storaas The Stairs 2018

Marianne Wiig Storaas 'The Stairs' (2018)

Marianne Wiig Storaas The View 2018

Marianne Wiig Storaas 'The View' (2018)

H M Queen Sonja of Norway Tree Trunks I III 2016 copy

H.M. Queen Sonja of Norway 'Tree Trunks I-III' (2016)

Espen Tollefsen 'Stockfish I' (2017)

Espen Tollefsen 'Stockfish I' (2017)

Jakob Weidemann Impression de la nature 1986 copy

Jakob Weidemann 'Impression de la nature' (1986)

Tone Berg Storseth Untitled Blue Untitled Grey Untitled Yellow 2017

Tone Berg Størseth 'Untitled (Blue), Untitled (Grey), Untitled (Yellow)' (2017)

Jakob Weidemann Impressions of Nature 1984

Jakob Weidemann 'Impressions of Nature' (1984)

Edvard Munch Self Portrait 1895

Edvard Munch 'Self Portrait' (1895)

Ben Twiston Davies Coins 2017

Ben Twiston Davies 'Coins' (2017)

Siv Blankenberg Skottheim Precambrian Reduction 2018

Siv Blankenberg Skottheim 'Precambrian Reduction' (2018)

Halima Cassell 2018

Halima Cassell 'Untitled' (2018)

Kate Jenkins Hand Sewn Seafood 2018 copy

Kate Jenkins 'Hand Sewn Seafood' (2018)

Edvard Munch Gorilla Vignette Amaryllis Weeping Nude 1908 -09

Edvard Munch 'Gorilla', 'Vignette: Amaryllis', 'Weeping Nude' (1908 -09)

Kenneth Blom 'Fragments and Impressions' (2018)

Kenneth Blom 'Fragments and Impressions' (2018)

Kare Tveter 'Svalbard' (1991)

Kåre Tveter 'Svalbard' (1991)

Jakob Weidemann Summer Landscape With Woman 1953 copy

Jakob Weidemann 'Summer Landscape With Woman' (1953)

Anette Krogstad Mare Tranquilitatis 2 2018 copy

Anette Krogstad 'Mare Tranquilitatis #2' (2018)

Isabel Tellefsen By the Sea Nesodden I 2017 copy

Isabel Tellefsen 'By the Sea, Nesodden I' (2017)

Magne Furuholmen Orion 2018

Magne Furuholmen 'Orion' (2018)

The Manfredi Restaurant

The Manfredi restaurant

  • Project Details
  • Client: Viking Cruises
  • Location: Ancona, Italy
  • Length: 745 ft
  • Capacity: 930 passengers
  • Beam: 94.5 feet
  • Delivery: 2018
  • Tonnage: 47,800 GT