TUI Cruises

Neue Mein Schiff 2

Defining the essence of the TUI Cruises through a carefully curated art plan.

TUI Cruises is expanding rapidly and Neue Mein Schiff 2 follows Mein Schiff 1 in accommodating a larger number of passengers and fostering a lively and active atmosphere. In a close dialogue with the TUI team ICArt has brought together a diverse group of artists.

The larger sculptural installations by Loris Cecchini, design team and multi-disciplinary practice Softlab featured various modular structures showcasing novel ideas and cutting edge materials and technologies. While ceramicists such as Anette Krogstad and Christina Peel honored the tradition of age old mediums in exquisite site specific commissions.

TUI NSM2 Ocean Sole PWEZA 2018jpg

Ocean Sole 'PWEZA' (2018)

TUI NSM2 Soft Lab untitled 2018

Soft Lab 'untitled' (2018)

TUI NSM2 Soft Lab untitled 2018 2

Soft Lab 'untitled' (2018)

TUI NSM2 Loris Cecchini Sequential interactions in alfalfa chorus 2018

Loris Cecchini 'Sequential interactions in alfalfa chorus' (2018)

TUI NMS2 Loop ph The Wind Report 2018 'The Wind Report' (2018)

TUI NSM2 James Sutton untitled 2018

James Sutton 'untitled' (2018)

TUI NSM2 Christina Peel Folded Porcelain 2018

Christina Peel 'Folded Porcelain' (2018)

TUI NSM2 Anette Krogstad Mare Tranquillitatis 3 2018

Anette Krogstad 'Mare Tranquillitatis #3' (2018)

TUI NSM2 Veggie Vegan detail

Veggie & Vegan (detail)

TUI NSM2 Shau Bar interior

Shau Bar interior

  • Project Details
  • Client: TUI Cruises
  • Location: Turku, Finland
  • Length: 1,036 ft
  • Capacity: 2,894 passengers
  • Beam: 139 ft
  • Delivery: 2019
  • Tonnage: 75,475 GT
  • Artworks: > 150 pieces