M5 8623
Royal Caribbean Cruises

Symphony of the Seas

The worlds largest largest cruise ship offers extensive and diverse onboard experiences. Taking the visitor experiences seriously, the art onboard has taken the Main Stage.

We have with this project in collaboration with RCCL, created the largest floating gallery to be seen. The vast art collection consists of a range of different media, expressions and experiences. A tour of this floating "gallery" should truly keep the guests entertained and curious for repeated visits.

Never before has an art project of this size been delivered to one single client or project. We are thrilled to see the result and reactions of the continuous new arrivals of passengers, crew and visitors coming onboard.

M5 8184

Chelsea Davine, "Glow - Through the Canopy Series"

M5 8189 Hdr Edit

Oleg Oprisco, "Untitled"

M5 8210

Alfredo Drago Rens, "Flowers"

M5 8195 Hdr

Nanna Hanninen, "Plants/Objects/Trees/People/Paint Series"

M5 8202 Pano

Chelsea Davine, "Glow - Through the Canopy Series"

M5 8246 Hdr

Alexandra Gallagher, "Untitled"

M5 8261

Suraj Kumar Kashi, "Timeless Season"

M5 8267 Hdr

Broslo, "Adventure"

M5 8273 Hdr

Nuria Mora, "Wild"

M5 8274 Hdr

Nuria Mora, "Wild"

M5 8288

Cara Barer, "Burgandy" & "Harajuku"

M5 8279 Hdr

Sarah Meyohas, "Yellow and Blue Speculation"

M5 8289 Hdr

Marlon de Azambuja, "Nueva Ampliaciones - Zaha Hadid 1979/Today, Taschen"

M5 8295

Jessica Hess, "Miami Blues"

M5 8292 Hdr Edit

Mark Thomas McClure, "Slam #3, #4, #5"

M5 8306 Hdr

Alexander Zuleta, "Mario Bros II"

M5 8307 Hdr

Erica Calesini, "Stars in the Night"

M5 8318 Hdr

Marjan Teeuwen, "Destroyed House Krasnoyarsk"

M5 8360 Hdr Edit

Robert Minervini, "Glass House"

M5 8321 Hdr Edit

Gustavo Blanco Uribe, "Espacio Aclquirido 14"

M5 8303

Yuki Matsueda, "The Cards"

M5 8337 Hdr

Mario Xhavella, "Wonderland"

M5 8344 Hdr

Mario Xhavella, "Wonderland"

M5 8354 Hdr

Mario Xhavella, "Wonderland"

M5 8363 Hdr Edit

Kaulip Alvarez, "Uff"

M5 8367 Hdr

Willi Siber, "Color Blocks"

M5 8382 Edit

Corinne Natel, "Kalea"

M5 8373 Hdr

Bluer Lorenzo Viscidi, "Butterflies Flight"

M5 8399

Arian Konomis, "Spoon Installation"

M5 8404

Arian Konomis, "Boat Installation"

M5 8408

Arian Konomis, "Spoon Installation"

M5 8439

Marcelo Jacome, "Kites"

M5 8591

Carolyn Clayton & Ridgeway Sculpture Design, "Miss Hydrangea"

M5 8593

Mo Devlin, "Crystal Rose" & "Hyperactive Gerber"

M5 8596

Marina Vargas, "Venus de Canovas"

M5 8600

Mo Devlin, "Ziplock Hydrangea" / Martin Klimas, "Untitled from Flowervases series"

M5 8601

Mo Devlin, "Heaven's Horns"

M5 8607

Mo Devlin, "Gladiola with Carnations"

M5 8611

Atticus S. Adams, "Wall Flora II"

M5 8615

Beatrice Hug, "Hibiscus, Amaryllis, Amaryllis Rose, Flamboyant"

M5 8616

Martin Klimas, "Untitled, from Series Sonic Sculpture"

M5 8617

Alberto Seveso, "Fitness"

M5 8619

Desire Obtain Cherish, "Meltdown"

M5 8623

Norbert Brunner, "Imagine"

  • Project Details
  • Client: Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd
  • Location: Saint-Nazaire, France
  • Length: 1,188 ft
  • Capacity: 6870 passengers
  • Beam: 215 ft
  • Delivery: 2017
  • Tonnage: 228,081 GT
  • Artworks: 13,347 pieces

Artistic Director & Lead Curator

Mariangela Capuzzo



Project Manager

Cristy Alonso