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Norwegian Property

The Monier Building

Prizewinning "green" building in flourishing part of Oslo, Norway

In 2016 The Monier building by Norwegian Property won a prize (DOGA) for its design and architecture. With an environmental identity and a focus on sustainability, this is a building addressing the future.

Our mission was to relate the art to the buildings character. The cafeteria entrance and foyer walls are now decorated with several custom works by the Norwegian painter Frank Brunner, and his series depicting colorful bee cubes in various forms. The bee cubes are a direct reference to the buildings very own rooftop honey producing bees.

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Frank Brunner, "The Colony"

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Frank Brunner, "Deconstruction"

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Frank Brunner, "The Hive"

  • Project Details
  • Client: Norwegian Property
  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Artworks: 3 locations
  • Delivery: 2016

Project Manager & Production

Sverre Michelsen Økern