Lindorff HQ

Lindorff already had an art-collection, and the goal was to elaborate upon this, utilizing several pieces from their existing collection, and enhancing it with new artworks.

When the credit-company Lindorff were looking to fully refurbish their Oslo-offices, they needed someone to consult on the art to go with their new and fresh space. They contacted us, and a very exciting collaboration began. The end-result is both colorful and alluring, and a wonderful compliment to their sleek, elegant interior-direction.

By mixing the existing collection with pieces sourced by us, we could create an environment with a new and original mood, while preserving key-pieces from their past. A beautiful large-scale ceramic urn signed “the blue artist” Kjell Nupen, is still a natural eye-catcher. In its reappearance it is surrounded by graphic, modern wall-art, ensuring a whole other twist in its presence.

When curating Lindorffs new offices power and pigment were keywords our art-consultants worked by. Large paintings by contemporary Norwegian artists were chosen. Names such as Thomas Sæverud, Karl Hansen, Hanne May Scheen and Kenneth Blom now ornament the common areas. Most of the art selected have high energy and strong color in common, interspersed with more minimalistic, monochromatic pieces to make a balanced and elegant atmosphere.


Thomas Sæverud, "Dusk to Dawn" / Henrik Placht, "Untitled" / Thomas Sæverud, "Abyss" / Morten Slettemeås, "Untitled" / Peter Mohall, "Faux Bois"


Thomas Sæverud, "Dusk to Dawn" / Henrik Placht, "Untitled" / Peter Mohall, "Faux Bois"


Karl Hansen, "The Shape of Things to Come" / Thomas Sæverud, "Dusk to Dawn" / Henrik Placht, "Untitled"


Thomas Sæverud, "Dusk to Dawn" / Henrik Placht, "Untitled" / Thomas Sæverud, "Abyss"


Henrik Placht, "Untitled" / Thomas Sæverud, "Abyss"


Hanne May Scheen, "Colours of the Street"


Kenneth Blom, "Les Palmiers"


Marius Martinussen, "Riff"


Dag Skedsmo, "Untitled" / Kjell Nupen, "Vase" / Hanne May Scheen, "Colours of the Street"


Janicke Schønning, "Motherland"


Tom Hatlestad, "Untitled"


Tom Hatlestad, "Untitled"

  • Project Details
  • Client: Lindorff AS
  • Location: Oslo
  • Artworks: 31
  • Delivery: 2014