Oxer Eiendom

Asker Panorama

When the small city of Asker outside Oslo was granted its first true landmark-building, the landmark needed art. Hosting several businesses under one roof, the ornamentation needed to be versatile and inspiring.

It was important to the client that the art-collection reflected the modern and environmentally friendly profile that the building comprises. This contemporary, green direction became the path to follow for our curators while sourcing. The result is an organic and earthy aesthetic. Focus-pieces include large works by Norwegian artists Ida Ekblad and Håvard Homstvedt. Ekblad’s powerful abstract work is a natural eye-catcher, while Homstvedt’s slightly surreal piece invites to many a closer look. Together they quite perfectly fill the large, open space, bringing the room to life.

In the meeting-rooms it was a logical choice to opt for nature photography, creating a pleasing and tranquil environment, without stealing too much attention in the smaller rooms. Untouched elements in both serene and dramatic modes are typical of Photographer Espen Tollefsen. These are images that are ideal for both large-scale prints, and grouped wall-compositions. A mix of both ensures an alluring yet sophisticated work-space.


Ida Ekblad, "Winged Albastron, Perforated View"


Håvard Homstvedt, "Feeling Man/Diamonds" / Ida Ekblad, "Winged Albastron, Perforated View"


Håvard Homstvedt, "Feeling Man/Diamonds"


Espen Tollefsen, "Stein: Sommer", "Stein: Storm", "Stein: Vinter"


Espen Tollefsen, "Stein: Sommer", "Stein: Storm", "Stein: Vinter"


Espen Tollefsen, "Børra: Stormfrise med brudd"

  • Project Details
  • Client: Oxer Eiendom
  • Location: Asker, Norway
  • Artworks: >20
  • Delivery: 2013