Lasting and valued relationships

Dreamy, magic and captivating; the art-program onboard this ship is an adventure to be explored, cherished and remembered.

We have collaborated with Royal Caribbean Cruises for more than two decades, and The Symphony of the Seas created yet another opportunity for us to create beautifully unexpected experiences at sea. With over 13.000 works of art, this is the largest floating art-gallery in existence.

Start to finish

From conceptual pitch, through tweaking ideas together with our client, to presenting artists, planned commissions and bespoke production, we arrived at the magnificent result.

From start to finish ICArt worked alongside Royal Caribbean, being a one-stop-shop for all their needs connected to art and decoration onboard. Engaging artists from all over the world, including Slovenian Gregor Kregar, Indonesian Ichwan Noor, Brazilian Marcelo Jacome, Norwegian Broslo, and Spanish Daniel Canogar, to name a very few. We also produced, printed and framed pieces at our in-house facilities, such as the cabin-art by Oleg Oprisco. Finally, we ensured safe shipping to the yard and installation on-site.

Infinite art solutions

Throughout a space of this magnitude, with the wide offer of recreational areas, restaurants, lounges, bars and cabins, the art-possibilities are infinite. Some of the wonderous pieces that we integrated into the art-program are:

A kaleidoscopic maze of laser-cut mirrors and 200 sections of colored LED-lights.

A multi-layered inflatable bubble installation, where each component of the suspended sculpture has a text hand-written in Swarovski-crystals.

“Sound wonder”-elements comprising a meteorite-inspired sound chamber and an all-embracing sound shell.

ICArt invites you to come seek the unexpected and explore the adventure, onboard the Symphony of the seas.


Continuing as leading innovators in technology at sea, we are very proud to present an interactive and audience-engaging art-program. We aim to awaken all the senses of the viewer, and fully captivate the audience ensuring memories made and emotions visited.