The power of art

The right artwork can be transformational and provide a wonderful added value to any space. We pride ourselves on creating unique art experiences, providing an edge for our clients.

ICArt creates art programs that help support and effectively communicate your brand image. We create an “artistic direction” that provides a guideline by which to select the art.

Creating unique art experiences for over 30 year

ICArt is dedicated to developing effective art programs for clients. We have executed programs for over 200 ships and more than 600 hotels and corporate spaces worldwide.

We have over 30 years experience in the cruise and hospitality industries, as well as the corporate sector, worldwide.

The process of turn-key project management from idea to installation is our strength.

ICArt is an international art advisory company specializing in:

  • Art consultancy
  • Collection curation
  • Supply
  • Production

Our offices are located in Oslo, Miami, Madrid, London and Turku. We are essentially a one-stop-shop for all your art needs.